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Like many who live in Albany, I find Van's the tried and true place to go for great Vietnamese food. I have been to the Van's establishment on Central Avenue many times.and while there is nothing special about the décor or the location, the food is excellent and never disappoints. My most recent visit was a family gathering and there were about ten of us and four children. So we had an opportunity to sample a number of items. The crisp fried and fresh vegetarian spring rolls were superb. The crispy skin and juicy interior is unsurpassed and once one has this chicken you return to Van's for more.
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Absolutely awesome and reasonably priced. My favorite so far is the Vans Bun 3 (or something) with shrimp, grilled meat, and spring rolls. It's HUGE and everything cooked perfectly. Really delicious. Also loved the stuffed chicken wings. Will be back to try pho and bo bun hoi!
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The food was absolutely excellent (after 8 years of adventurous eating in and around Los Angles, I do feel quite confident in this), very quick, and I appreciated the space between tables. Service was great. Polite, quick and attentive without hovering. The place isn't fancy feeling, has very little decor, and of course it's street parking which can sometimes be a little inconvenient. If delicious food is what you're after, this place has what you're looking for!
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